Level 1 Award in Responsible Alcohol Retailing

Cost: £55 + VAT
Location: TBC

What's it all about?

This qualification enables candidates to understand the main points of licensing law. Recognise the responsibilities associated with the retail sale of alcohol and understand their duties concerning under-age sales and serving persons who are drunk. This qualification supports the designated premises supervisor to retail responsibly on their licensed premises.

Is it suitable for me?

This qualification was developed to meet the industry-wide training requirements to demonstrate commitment to responsible alcohol retailing. This award can demonstrate that a DPS have given due diligence to the training of their staff. It is designed for anyone who works on licensed retail premises, involved in the sale of alcohol including: Supermarket Staff, Bar Staff, Waiter/Waitress, Hotel Staff, Convenience Store & Off Licence staff.

How will I be assessed?

The Level 1 Award in Responsible Alcohol Retailing is assessed by the completion of a multiple-choice examination. The exam is in two parts, Section 1 requires 3 key questions to be answered correctly to pass (100%), followed by Section 2, where there are a further 22 questions the pass mark for this section is 64% (14/22). The Award in Responsible Alcohol Retailing is accredited on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) at Level 1.

Awarding Body

Awarding Body