Specialist Employability Support

Specialist Employability Support

Programme Overview

The SES Programme is unlike any other employment related programme. A team of experts in visual impairment and employment will work with the participant every step of the way to help them find a permanent job.

No two customers are the same, this means that no two customer journeys are the same, this means we tailor the support to the participant and they can choose the amount and type of support they need and receive it in the place best suited to the participant.


To be eligible for this project, customers must have a visual impairment that affects the work that they are able to do, be unemployed, be aged between school leaving age and state pension age and be a UK resident.

The programme is best suited to those seeking intensive support, potentially including mobility and living skills training.

Activities, Outcomes and Benefits

Through participating in the programme we will design a flexible package of training and support to access vocational training courses, the opportunity to undertake hands-on work in a real-life setting to enhance customers CV’s & employability. We will also work to find the assistive technology most suited to customer needs so that the customer can use these when they enter employment.

During the programme we will help participants to develop the skills they need to succeed, put them in touch with employers who recognise what they have to offer & support them every step of the way. We will discuss work experience to date, skills & the barriers that have been found to seeking employment & the type of work that participants would like to do.

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